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Educational Display Booths

Civic or non-profit organizations, Extension Homemakers Clubs, FFA, and FHA Chapters, 4-H Clubs, and any other organized youth or adult clubs may reserve a booth and display an educational exhibit according to the following score card.

Give title of booth in larger letters and the name of the club or community in smaller letters. In order to construct your display you will need to bring all your own supplies, (including tables). Set-up will be from 3:30-6:30 pm Wednesday and space allotted for displays will be no greater than 5 ft. wide and 5 ft. deep

Call the Extension Office to reserve a booth space: 870-886-3741.

Here a few a few of the entries in the 2015 Lawrence County Fair!

Component Points

Appropriateness of Theme- 15
Educational and /or Promotional Message
Timely, Important ,Practical
Message Suited for the Viewing Audience
Attracts Attention- 10
Light, Motion, Color, Size, Sound, etc.
Title- 10
Attractive, Catchy, Easy to Read
Appropriate Placement
Design- 20
Good Use of Color
Center or Interest
Unity of Movement
Proportion and Scale
Printed Visuals- 10
Appropriate Size
Appropriate Placement
Neat and Easy to Read
Message Accurate, Concise, and Simple- 15
Only One Subject Covered
Unnecessary Material Eliminated
Educational or Promotional Effectiveness 20
Increase Knowledge/Changes
Attitude/Creates a Desire for Involvement