Welcome to Lawrence County

Welcome to beautiful Lawrence County, Arkansas.

This website features highlights of Lawrence County such as the  Lawrence County Fair and PRCA Rodeo that takes place each year, the ATOD coalition of Lawrence County a youth program whose primary goal is to reduce underage drinking within Lawrence County and the Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services.

Here are just a few facts about Lawrence County, Arkansas.

Lawrence County was named for Captain James Lawrence, a naval officer killed in the War of 1812.

The landscape of Lawrence County is flat-topped rolling hills in the western half and flat fertile delta river bottomland in the eastern half.

The economy is made up of agriculture, with rice, soybeans, and milo as leading crops. Cattle, poultry, and light manufacturing also contribute to the economy. There are three highways that make it convenient to ship in and out of the county.

Three rivers, the Strawberry, Spring, and Black flow through the county.

The Spring River offers fantastic fishing opportunities is also quite popular for rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and floating.

Lake Charles along with Lake Charles State Park offers fishing, hiking, picnicking and water sports. The park consists of 645 acres with 96 campsites scattered among the trees.

Historic Powhatan State Park offers workshops, tours, and historical records. The original courthouse was at Powhatan and was destroyed by fire in 1885. The archives were saved because they were stored in a stone vault and today they are a part of the Powhatan State Park Museum’s regional archive. In 1963 the two districts at Powhatan and Walnut Ridge were consolidated. Some of the oldest records in Arkansas that were written by quill with homemade ink is now stored at the abandoned 1888 courthouse in Powhatan.

The Shirey Bay-Rainey Brake Wildlife Management Area is a 10,500 acre tract between the Strawberry and Black Rivers and is managed primarily for water fowl. It also has excellent fishing.

Thirty-one of the state’s present counties were carved from the original Lawrence County.

Our county seat is Walnut Ridge.
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