Office Of Emergency Services

 Welcome to the home of the Lawrence County  Office Of Emergency Services. Our mission is to save lives, prevent injury, and  protect property, during disasters and potentially catastrophic events within  Lawrence County. We accomplish this by establishing community readiness through  public education, risk assessment, planning, exercise, and interagency  cooperation.

Lawrence County is nestled in the Northeast  corner of Arkansas. Home to Lake Charles State Park, the historic Powhatan Court  House, the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport, Williams Baptist College and much  more, the county is known for its beauty and the diversity of its landscape. Its  terrain varies from flat fertile farm fields on the eastern half to the rolling  hills on the western half. Lawrence County is truly one of the most beautiful  places in our state.

One of the most important task of the Office of  Emergency Services is to form a link between the Federal Government (FEMA) and  the local departments that make up the Lawrence County Emergency Services. Our  department is responsible for securing grants set forth by the Federal  Government and helping distribute those funds to Fire and Police to obtain  needed gear and training. The Lawrence County OES works with city police  departments, volunteer and paid fire departments as well as the Lawrence County  Sheriff’s Office.

The Lawrence County Office Of Emergency Services  offers support to any agency in the county, we also work with our surrounding  counties by either assisting others or requesting assistance from their  agencies.


  Lawrence County Dispatch (870)886-2525

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